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Muz is presently living in semi-retirement as a hermit in the hills of Portugal and is rarely persuaded to come out and share his wide knowledge and experience with yoga groups after nearly 50 years of Workshops, Conferences, Satsangs and world-wide teaching travels. He is now working on sharing his knowledge in forthcoming books or CDs.

If your organisation or Yoga Group wishes to arrange a Mantra Yoga Workshop in your region you can contact Muz on the following e-mail address. Arrangements may also be made for Lectures, Conferences or Spiritual Festivals. However, we are not sure you will be able to persuade him to leave his hermitage these days.

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Please add your surname (in brackets) at the end of your email, even if Muz knows you, as it saves him a lot of research time when so many people have the same first name. Better still, add your name in the SUBJECT FIELD: "From John Smith" for example. That way your letter won't get wiped as Spam. Thank you.


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All new subscribers will receive a FREE copy of “Never Mind the Mind”—an immensely popular chapter from Muz’s earlier book “Sharing the Quest”, which explains how to understand and overcome that malfunctioning aspect of consciousness we call ‘mind.’

Television Yoga presenter and Founder-Editor of “Yoga & Health”, Howard Kent, wrote in his review of “Sharing the Quest”

“The chapter ‘Never Mind the Mind’ is an example of the author’s simple profundity… If we read and re-read this section regularly, it alone makes the book worth buying. But there is much more of similar value and no aspirant should be without Muz Murray as a compassionate guide.”

This chapter will give you a taste of Muz Murray’s deep insights and his easy to read style.

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